Our Vision

Buildings that enhance the wellbeing of their occupants, regenerate natural ecosystems and positively contribute to economic growth and stability

Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable design, construction and operations in the whole of Poland. PLGBC aims to positively influence the Polish construction industry by promoting and implementing the rule of triple responsibility: environmental, social and economic. We intend to transform the design, construction and operations of buildings in the entire country for the overall benefit of all residents as well as all participants of the construction process.

Our Mission

To facilitate the coming together of the building and construction industry in order to transform the way buildings are designed, constructed, operated and deconstructed

Our steps toward this mission include offering education, newest research results and information on green building, organizing and active participation in various sorts of events that help promoting knowledge and experience exchange on sustainable buildings. We provide leadership, educate, motivate, provide resources and reinforce the foundations of the green building movement in Poland. We advocate for establishment of ecologically oriented construction public policy, by joining voices of all environmentally oriented professionals, organisations and companies.
We believe that our efforts will result in successful conversion of the local built environment into such that is healthy, productive, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We aim to form a coalition between the public and private sectors in a common goal of improving the quality of life of our country residents, by positively influencing the triple bottom line.